Urban Water Supply

Existing water plants mostly have surface water purified, some of them have water source from deep well due to water source problem. Along with the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, now the water supply industry is facing with technological challenges , on one hand, with development of surrounding industry and livestock industry, the pressure on environment protection of drinking water source keeps rising, and on the other hand, the quality standard for drinking water will be greatly improved. So that general production process has yet to be upgraded. Under the new situation, the process is already overburdened, and it is difficult to resolve the many problems related to the water quality: pathogenic micro-organisms, algae and algal toxin, turbidity, disinfection by-products, unstable water quality and other water quality and safety challenges, so that there is an urgent need to apply membrane technology to traditional water plants for technology upgrading.

Nano-membrane filtration plant upgrading process, adapts to the chemical pollutants excess extreme situation, capable to remove micro-contamination of water source while retaining natural minerals good for the human body. For use of emergency treatment, as well as the high-iron-manganese groundwater in Northern China. Process Diagram shown as below: