Sugar Alcohol

Sugar alcohol is one polyol which contains two or more hydroxyl groups. Presently therehave been various developed sugar alcohol such as sorbitol, mannitol, erythrose alcohol,maltitol, lactitol, xylitol. These sugar alcohols have higher stability against acid, heat, and not easy to cause Maillard reaction, so as to widely used in low calorie food formula.

Sugar Alcohol 2 - Sugar Alcohol


  • Gains high purity product
  • Xylitol is converted by microorganism specifically, while arabinose etc. is not influenced. The valuable byproduct of arabinose can be obtained.
  • Adopting membrane method to filtrate fermentation liquor can remove thallus and most of the macromolecular impurities to ensure the safety of resin used in the following chromatographic separation
  • Filtration with SN102 membrane can remove impurities such as pigment and lighten the burden on the following chromatographic separation
  • Utilizing CR moving bed chromatographic separation technique to isolate xylitol ensures the high quality of the product. The xylitol crystallization mother liquor can be further separated by this technique to reclaim xylitol and obtain the byproduct of arabinose