Starch Sugar

In recent years, with the development of corn deep processing and food industry as well as with the improvement of enzymes technology and the transformation for human’s consumption structure, China’s starch sugar industry has achieved remarkable development and has been moving towards the development tendency of product multi variety, individuation, specialization and large scale. On the process of starch sugar, it need to use ion exchange resin to remove ash content for the sugar quality improvement. The result of SepTor continuous ion exchange technology application on the removal of starch sugar ash content was highly recognized by the customers.

Starch sugar 2 - Starch Sugar


  • Enhanced product quality at lower operating cost and stable high yield
  • Good permeate quality, easing pollution for resin and color reversion
  • Save resin and regeneration agents, and reduce the effluent discharge
  • Purification up to pharmaceutical grade, save investment on re-crystallization