Spiral Wound Membrane

Including MF, UF, NF, RO series of products, Suntar spiral-wound membrane widely are used in various industrial material separation, purification process, reclaimed water treatment, desalination and other fields, which has high performance in desalination rate stability, water flux, anti-pollution performance, anti-biodegradation, chemical resistance and so on.

Each spiral-wound membrane element adopts the imported membrane material with high stability. Combined with the advanced automatic spiral-wound membrane production line and advance structure design, Suntar could produce general series of products with high stability.

word image 42 - Spiral Wound Membrane


  • High Performance Membrane Sheet
  • Wide Range of Membrane Sheet Available
  • Standard Size, High Replaceability
  • Available Tailor-made Membrane
  • Automatic Product Line
  • Strict Quality Control


UF series

word image 43 - Spiral Wound Membrane

NF Series

word image 44 - Spiral Wound Membrane

RO Series

word image 45 - Spiral Wound Membrane


*Test condition: 225psi (15.5bar), 25℃, 2000mg/L NaCl


word image 46 - Spiral Wound Membrane