Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology And Equipment

Operation at ambient or low temperature, no phase change to avoid product damage and harmful substances, selective enrichment, when enrichment of the product it is also available for nano-membrane to remove small molecule impurities, so that concentration cost is low, generally enrichment cost is 1/4 of evaporation enrichment process.


  • Food: Recipe Water, production water preparation
  • Beverage: Recipe Water, production water, washing water preparation
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: process water, agents water, washing water, injection water, sterile water preparation
  • Chemical Industry: Production water, waste-water treatment
  • Electric Power Industry: boiler feed water, recirculating cooling water
  • Electronics Industry: Semiconductor Industry ultra-pure water, integrated circuit cleaning water, recipe water
  • Water Plants: pure water preparation, drinking water purification
  • Petro-chemical: oil field injected water, petrochemical waste water depth processing
  • Sea water and brackish water desalination: island areas, coastal areas, ship, sea oil field production or living water