Organic Acid

Organic acid is one organic compound with acid. The most common organic acid is carboxylic acid whose acidity comes from carboxyl (-COOH). Organic acid has various kinds such as acetic acid, malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, binary acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid etc. Organic acid can be used as intermediate or chemical raw materials. On the process of organic acid extraction, SepTor continuous ion exchange technology has obvious advantages relative to traditional fixed bed.

Organic Acid 2 - Organic Acid


  • Instead of plate-frame filtration, membrane filtration improves the quality of filtrate, ensures the adsorption effect during resin process and reduces wastewater discharge remarkably
  • Instead of fixed bed system, IX moving bed system improves resin utilization rate dramatically during citric acid adsorption process, reduces water consumption and improves the concentration of citric acid resolving liquor
  • Desalinization with IX moving bed instead of fixed bed, improves resin utilization rate, decreases water and acid-base consumption, and increases the concentration of citric acid product to a certain extent
  • CR moving bed chromatographic technique can separate citric acid and impurities effectively and reclaim citric acid from deserted crystallization mother liquor