Nano-filtration membrane technology and equipment

Capable to precisely select specific product molecular weight as to target products, remove small molecular weight protein, peptide, 2+ ions impurities based on UF, capable to precisely separate monosaccharide, polysaccharide, monovalent salts, realize performance that traditional process was unable to achieve.


  • Pharmaceutical (antibiotic resin resolution liquid desalination & concentration, vitamin concentration)
  • Dyes (desalination concentration to replace salt extraction, acid extraction)
  • Amino acids (decoloring, remove impurity, enrichment, desalination)
  • Food (oligo-sugar, starch sugar separation purification, fruit juice concentration, herbal extraction)
  • Mother liquor Recycle (MSG mother liquor impurities removal, glucose crystalization liquid impurities removal)
  • Water treatment (dyeing wastewater treatment, water reclamation, ultra-pure water preparation)
  • Acid, alkali recovery (Pharmaceutical Industry eluent acid, alkali waste, chemical fiber industry waste acid, alkali)