MBR Lab Equipment

A new type of sewage treatment process combining membrane technology and biological treatment technology, using membrane micro-pore rejection, aerobic bacterial groups fully captured in the reactor, improved the reactor sludge concentration and degradation efficiency of low biodegradability material .

Submersible MBR technical advantages:

  • Clear permeate water, almost zero suspended solids and turbidity, good water quality.
  • Good baterial removal effect
  • Maintain low : Food to Microorganisms (F/M) and remaining sludge is less
  • High sludge concentration, high impact resistant capacity
  • Submersible design to deal with small footprint
  • HRT and SRT separated, sludge retention time (SRT) can be quite long, and membrane collects micro-organisms that have slow growth rate, which is beneficial for special and low biodegradability material removal. For example: NH3-N, etc.

Flat Panel membrane component features and benefits:

  • Modular design, and expandable performance.
  • Membrane is flexible, has excellent scratch resistant performance
  • Membrane is hydrophilic,  pollution prevention, easy cleaning and recovery
  • Use PES material, good chemical resistance performance
  • Operating pressure is low, energy-saving

Membrane component parameters

Model number BC10-10
Membrane area (m²) 10
Dimensions (mm * mm * mm) 256×350×1230
Dry weight (Kg) 18
Permeate fluid interface (mm) 25
Air Interface (mm) 40
Aeration volume (Nm 3/H) 3-8