Industrial Wastewater Treatment And Water Reclamation Process

The shortage of water resources and environmental pressures of emissions, limiting the economic and social development of our country. Therefore, the industrial enterprises, municipal sewage treatment plants, etc. are trying to start a sewage depth treatment and water reclamation, in order to achieve sewage resource utilization, and better protection of the environment as well as to solve water problems.

As for the water reclamation, first of all to consider the site.

Industrial water use sites: recirculating cooling water, boiler water, process water, rinse water, and so on.

Municipal water use including: drinking water, gardening water, landscape water use, and so on.

These water-quality standards generally contain two major, comprehensive indicators: turbidity/suspended solids (SS), salinity (TDS).

According to different sewage and process water requirements, through a combination of multi-media filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis, and other processes, Suntar achieved a high degree of automation control and assitst the enterprises reduce sewage discharge and realize water resources recycling, further reduce the water costs, which has a significant economic and social benefits.

Process Diagram shown as below:
Typical projects:

  • Shandong Xiwang Sugar Co. , Ltd. Supply Water Treatment
  • Xianglu Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. PTA wastewater dual-membrane processing project
  • SINOHYDRO Group Venezuela New Cabrera Power Plants total membrane water treatment projects