Continuous Ion Exchange Lab Equipment

Working Principle:

This system is mainly composed by resin column and porous distribution rotate valves, it is dividing the ideal material exchange process of fixed bed as 20 small resin columns, fixed on a turntable, resin columns connected with porous distribution rotate valves interface, by rotating and coupling between valves and resin columns to control valve interface switch and change resin columns status. In accordance with the design of processes, resin columns can be divided as multiple function areas, when material enters system, rotate the valve to switch each of the resin columns in turn to go through each function area, realizing adsorption, rinsing, resolve, regeneration processes, so that transform traditional intermittent process into a continuous process

lab con ix - Continuous Ion Exchange  Lab Equipment


  • Sodium Cologne transforms to cologne acid
  • Vc – Na transforms into Vc
  • Lysine calcium/sodium conversion
  • Lactate calcium/sodium conversion

Technical parameters

Parameters Continuous ion exchange Continuous chromatography separation
Operation temperature 15 °C ~45 °C 15 °C ~90℃
Maximum pressure 10 Bar (ambient) 10 Bar (ambient)
Valve Head Material PTFE with 316L or PTFE with Hastelloy (according to customer’s requirements) PTFE with 316L
  Aperture 4mm 4mm
  Valve Position 20 20
Resin column Dia. DN40 DN40
  Height 600mm 600mm
  Material PVC transparent PVDF translucent or PP translucent
Connectors pipeline quality PP adapter with PE tube POM connector with nylon tube
Drive motor  Servo Motor Control  Servo Motor Control
Main skid materials 304 304

Note: The above parameters are standard, may vary by customer requirements.