Continuous Ion Exchange Technology

The continuous IX Technology is a complete innovation of separation technology, which is different from the traditional fixed bed, pulsed-bed and simulated moving bed techniques. A continuous IX system consists of resin column sets and rotary valves for distribution. According to the technology design, the resin columns can be distributed into several functional areas. Once the raw material enters the system, the switching of rotary valves ensures the sequential processes of adsorption, washing, resolving and regeneration by each resin column with different functions. As a result, the traditional process with regular intervals is changed to a continuous process.

continuous ix 01 300x201 - Continuous Ion Exchange  Technology

Suntar continuous IX system adopts advanced design concepts and exquisite production technology,which can be applied in various areas with easy operation. The system can be flexibly adjustedaccording to different separation requirements. So far Suntar has successfully developed several sets of continuous IX systems for different areas in an international customer base.

Principal Advantages

  • Stable product components and concentration
  • Saving resin, lower rinse water consumption
  • Lower chemical consumption
  • Compact structure, easy to be installed and integrated
  • Full-automatic and preprogrammed control system is available
continuous ix 003 - Continuous Ion Exchange  Technology

continuous ix 004 - Continuous Ion Exchange  Technology


Industry Products Application point
VC Gulonic acid sodium Convert Gulonic acid sodium into gulonic acid
VC-Na Convert VC-Na into VC
VC crystallization base liquor Using ion exchange to remove impurities like sulfate ion of the base liquor
Amino acids Lysine Adsorption & Purification of lysine by ion exchange
Methionine Convert met-Na into met
Tryptophan Adsorption & Purification of tryptophan by ion exchange
L-carnitine Adsorption & Purification of L-carnitine by ion exchange
Citric acid De-ash with ion-exchange method
Organic acids Succinic acid Convert Na2A  into H2A
Lactic acid De-ash with ion-exchange method
Diacid Adsorption & decoloring with ion-exchange method
Glucose De-ash with ion-exchange method
Sugar D-Ribose De-ash with ion-exchange method
Stevia Purification of stevia by ion exchange
CPC Purification of CPC with ion-exchange method
Antibiotic Erythromycin Purification of CPC with ion-exchange method
Metal Recycling Using ion exchange to recover metal composition from metallurgical waste water