Continuous Chromatography Separation Technology

Chromatography technology is an advanced separation method based on intermolecular affinity differences. It is one of the effective strategies to separate materials with similarphysical and chemical properties. Due to the slight differences between various constituents, the interactionsbetween different constituents and molecules in the stationary phase are different. Hence the velocities are different and the compounds can be separated. The utilization of a multi-unit design and automatic switching ensures the continuous flow and extension of the total separation phase. As a result, higher resolution and efficiency are achieved.

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Suntar chromatography system is continuous chromatography separation technology. It is designed on the basis of traditional fixed-bed chromatography separation to achieve continuous production and exploit the advantage of chromatographic separation technology with fully and rationally utilization of the stationary phase. Therefore, the whole system offers high quality, high efficiency, good stability and low energy consumption.

Principal Advantages

  • Stable product components and concentration
  • Selectively separate substances with similar properties
  • Lower resin and eluents consumption
  • Effectively improves product purity and concentration
  • Compact structure, small footprint
  • Flexible change of production process according to different requirements
  • Full-automatic and preprogrammed control system is available
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Industry Products Application point
Sugar Glucose base solution Glucose and polysaccharideof Chromatographic separation base liquor
D-Ribose Ion exchange purified and separated D-ribose
fruit glucose Separation of converted fructose liquid or crystallize fructose and glucose in the base liquor
Xylose base liquor Xylose and arabinose in chromatographic separation base liquor
Converted arabinose liquid Ribose and arabinose after chromatographic separation of arabinose
Sugar alcohols Xylitol Xylitol and arabinose in xylitol liquid produced by fermentation separation
Erythritol After fermentation purified and extracted erythritol
Amino acids Threonine Separation purified & crystallized threonine in base liquor, removing salt and sugar
Tryptophan Separation purified & fermented threonine in extracted liquid, removing mixed amino acids
VC VC crystallization base liquor Separating gulonic acid and VC in base liquor,  realize recycling use.
Organic acids Citric acid Separation and purification of citric acid by chromatography