Ceramic membrane lab equipment

Ceramic membrane lab equipment can be widely applied to the liquid solid separation, clarification filtering, bacteria and impurity removal, breaking emusifier and remove oil, and other experimental researches, micro filtration membrane pore size is between the range of 0.05 µm and 10 µm, select different pore size membrane elements in accordance with the fluid viscosity, suspended solids concentration to clarify, remove impurity and separate.

Ceramic membrane equipment features:

  • Compact structure design, small size
  • Installation and use, easy to maintain
  • Operation simple and stable;
  • Small recirculating volume, requires less liquid, good performance of separation.
  • Experimental parameters reliable, good reference for industrial design
  • Easy to clean, capable of backwash, long lifespan of membranes
  • Brand-name products, quality assurance

Ceramic membrane elements features:

  • Imported membrane elements, reliable quality
  • Multiple membrane models for selection
  • Clearance rates are higher, high flux rate
  • Aperture evenly distributed, high filtering  precision
  • Low filtering  resistance, low operating pressure, low-energy consumption
  • High mechanical strength, high resistance to high pressure and abrasion capability.
  • High temperature resistant, suitable for high temperature filtration process
  • Long lifespan
  • Wide range PH resistant, resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents and strong oxidants
  • Membrane easy to clean, and good recoverability.
Ceramic membrane lab equipment Basic performance parameters
Model number SPPM-C-10 SPPM-C-50
Membrane specifications 7/6,19/3.3 7/6,19/3.3
Membrane area (m²) 0.07-0.29 0.4-0.69
Maximum working pressure (bar) 2-6bar 2-6bar
Applicable operating temperature ( °C) ≤90℃ ≤90℃
Applicable PH value range 1-14 1-14
The minimum loop volume (L) 1 10
Total Power (kW) 1.1 3.7
Dimensions (m) 0.72×0.395×1.11 1.11×0.88×2.175

Typical applications

  • Ferment liquid filtration
  • Enzyme enrichment
  • Functional oligo-sugar impurities removal and filtration
  • Animal, plant extract liquid clarification and filtration
  • Wine bacteria removal and clarification
  • Milk bacteria clarification & filtration
  • Juice bacterial clarification & filtration
  • Tea drinks clarification and filtration
  • Seasoning (soy sauce, vinegar, etc.) of bacteria removal clarification
  • Waste liquid recycling as solid powder
  • Tap water,well water, river water, lake water purification
  • Life, municipal wastewater treatment
  • Oil waste water, oil emulsion wastewater, industrial acid and alkali wastewater, plating, dyes, etc. industrial wastewater treatment
  • Other filtration separation