Ceramic Membrane

Originates from German powerful new product development capabilities, and combining own R&D capability, Suntar develop the new generation of ceramic membrane with high performance. Pore size of Suntar ceramic membrane are from 800nm to 10nm, covering Ultra-filtration and Microfiltration. At present, Suntar ceramic membranes have been widely used in many fields such as environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical industry and so on.

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Suntar Ceramic Membrane

Product Characteristics

Anti-agglomeration High hydrophilicity
Application of unique nanoparticle dispersion technology to avoid agglomeration of nanoparticles during film preparation, giving film products new nanoparticle characteristics and excellent film properties Adding uniformly distributed super-hydrophilic nano-TiO2 particles in the material greatly improves the flux and anti-pollution performance of the ceramic membrane.
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Nano-dispersion technology gives the ceramic membrane uniform pore size and connection strength, which makes the ceramic membrane have the characteristics of high-precision filtration, high anti-pollution and high wear resistance. The sintered ceramic membrane can have both high porosity and high connection strength by Nano-dispersion technology, which ensuring a high membrane flux while greatly improving wear resistance and service life.


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  • Resistance to strong acid, alkali and oxidation
  • Resistance to organic solvents
  • Resistance to high temperature (up to 150℃)
  • Wearing resistance
  • High separation precision
  • High strength and long lifetime
  • High flux and available backwash
  • Simple operation and low maintenance cost

Technical Specifications

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Suntar Ceramic Membrane

  • High compact design, small footprint requirement
  • Reduced holdup volume
  • Integral gasket, simple maintenance
  • Long lifetime


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word image 13 - Ceramic Membrane Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Oily wastewater from cold rolling, metal cleaning, coking
  • Particles separation from: Titanium washing liquid and catalysts recovery
  • Oil field injection water treatment;
  • Grinding and micro-electronics wastewater treatment
word image 14 - Ceramic Membrane Food, Fermentation Industry
  • Broth clarification and purification;
  • Soy sauce and vinegar filtration;
  • Juices, beverages and liquor clarification and filtration;
  • Milk standardization and sterilization;
  • Fermentation product separation and refining;
word image 15 - Ceramic Membrane Bio-pharmaceutical industry
  • Herbal extraction and purification;
  • Oral clarification and filtration;
  • Biological products purification and refining;
  • Activated carbon separation and recovery
word image 16 - Ceramic Membrane Others
  • Dust removal from high temperature gas;
  • Natural pigment production
  • Brine purification
  • Rare metal enrichment
  • Separation and preparation of new materials
  • Inorganic membrane catalytic reactor
  • Concentration and purification of nanomaterials


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