Spiral Wound Membrane Lab Equipment

This equipment is capable to replace RO, NF, UF, MF spiral wound membrane elements as required, applicable for liquid concentration, desalination, decolorization, purification, clarification, bacteria-removal process experiments etc., widely applied at pharmaceutics, food & beverage, chemical, botanical extracting, water treatment etc.

Sprial-wound membrane equipment features:

  • Process simple and practical, good looking.
  • Compact structure design, small size
  • Installation and use, easy to maintain
  • Operation simple and stable;
  • Small recirculating volume, requires less liquid, good performance of separation.
  • Experimental parameters reliable, good reference for industrial design
  • Easy to clean, membrane capable to recycle use.
  • Equipment design pressure is up to 40 bar, covering wide range of research.
  • 4-In-1 multi-function device, capable to replace with the reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, micro-filtration membrane elements.

Membrane elements and accessory features:

  • Imported membrane elements, reliable quality
  • Diversified for selection, RO, NF, UF, MF membrane elements
  • Special membranes like high-temperature resistant, solvents & alkali resistant, , etc. for selection.
  • Membrane easy to clean, and good recoverability.
  • High Pressure Pump utlizes internationally renowned brands
  • Optional accessories are standard products, versatile, easy to maintain
  • More than 20 types of professional membrane clean agents, good cleaning performance
Spiral wound membrane lab equipment basic performance parameters
Model number SPPM-18S-1 SPPM-25S-1
Membrane specifications 1812 2540
Membrane area (m²) 0.24 1.77-2.4
Maximum working pressure (bar) 40 40
Applicable operating temperature ( °C) 10-45 10-45
Applicable PH value range 2-12 2-12
The minimum loop volume (L) 1 10
Total Power (kW) 1.5 4
Dimensions (m) 0.6×0.4×1 1.4×0.7×1.12

Typical applications

  • ultra-filtration membrane decoloring, remove protein, enrichment and remove ash
  • Nano-membrane desalination, enrichment
  • RO membrane enrichment
  • Sugar, alcohol separation and purification
  • Soft drinks, juice concentration
  • Chinese herbal medicine, plant extraction liquid purified active ingredient
  • Dyes (desalination and concentration to replace salt extraction, acid extraction)
  • Mother liquor Recycle: MSG mother liquor impurities removal, glucose crystalization liquid impurities removal
  • Wastewater treatment and water reclamation
  • Ultra-pure water preparation, etc.
  • Nano-filtration diversified-quality water supply
  • Other filtration separation